Tuesday, 3 December 2019

I have deactivated facebook

I got fed up with 90%+ of the content on there being from people not on my friends list. 

I think them profiting from political adverts proven to be false was awful.

I think a lie can get round the world twice before the truth even has a chance to catch up. I think facebook is one of the biggest distributors of hate and false information on the planet.

Facebook, or corners of it are bad if not worse than rags like the S*N. I genuinely don't think Brexit would have happened without targeted ads telling lies to people, people unfortunately too stupid to question them. I don't think anti vaxxers would really have any traction without platforms like this.

I've said things in anger against things I believe are unjust /unfair that I would never say in the same way in person. I am ashamed of the way I have spoken to some people (even if I still believe they might have deserved it or if I still believe my original point) I should not have lowered myself to this level.

I am doing my part to stop it buy giving up some of the great conveniences it offers (like sharing pictures) and not using it so they can't make anymore money from me or my information. I hope the whole world does the same and we can go back to a place where the truth matters.

This video sums it up well and half way through is when I decided to close my account.