Monday, 20 November 2017

Go Pro Fusion Software - Fusion Studio

I think this is a case of I needed to read the manual but as the GoPro app wasn't working on my phone I assumed I needed to wait for an update to add the fusion to the Android app. I was wrong I searched a bit and could not seem to see any software but I was wrong. There is a Windows and Mac program called Fusion Studio.

I can't wait to test this, I was too dumb to work this out at the weekend so will have to wait to tonight (lunch break dedicated to posting this) also you get plugins for adobe Premier Pro and After Effects which is cool.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

iPhone not charging? iPhone dust in charging port failed? It's probably dust.

iPhone lightning ports are pone to getting clogged with dust that compacts and eventually stops it from charging.

You really have to dig into the bottom and sides of the port to get it all out. Keep clearing especially at the sides around the little clips until you can put your cable in and you hear the click. 

Props to:

I contacted them about a repair and was given this tip over the phone for free.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Your organisations polices are preventing us from completing this action for you, for more info please contact your helpdesk.

I've had a few problems with outlook refusing to open attachments the error is:

Your organisations polices are preventing us from completing this action for you, for more info please contact your helpdesk.

It's caused by a recent install of firefox

You need to edit the registry.

You need to edit the (Default) from FirefoxHTML to htmlfile

You will also need to do this for .htm .xhtm .xhtml .shtml .xht and possibly .xhtmm but I've not seen that one on the systems I've seen.


Friday, 30 June 2017

I got engaged

I took Amy to Bolton Abbey the location of our third date on our third anniversary. We went over the stepping stones under the guise of me testing my new drone (a Mavic Pro) I played her "love me do" by the Beatles on the harmonica. She had brought me the harmonica for Christmas a few years ago so I secretly learned how to play it to surprise her. I was very happy not to fall in. Then an American TV show called Right this Minute contacted me on facebook and put my video on TV! It's a pretty cool clip!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Mapped drive disappears won't stay mapped persistently

We use network drives sometimes they will not stay after a reboot. I had this problem and could not work out the problem. There was a faulty login script under the users profile in the Active Directory. It's a good place to check. We had moved domains a while back and some users have the old path, meaning the login script was removing the good working path and then failing to connect to it's incorrect one leaving nothing mapped.