Monday, 17 October 2016

Bit locker won't accept my recovery key.

Bitlocker would not accept my recover key...

I was mad! You probably are too if you're reading this, I imagine you are hoping you won't have to rebuild your machine and test the quality of your backups.You have backups right? There is hope. I did have the correct key, and I was not ready to give up yet. I knew my key was right as it was stored in the AD and was found searching for it in the AD as specified here the ID matched:

So Bitlocker would not accept my key no matter how many times I double check the numbers. Very annoying. One clue when searching for a solution was someone said it seemed to be in a loop it would accept the key bit not get any further.

I then found this wonderful link with a soloution listed as a work around.

It showed me how to disable bitlocker using the advanced options to get to a CMD window.

This route accepted my recovery key and I was able to disable bitlocker and get back into my surface pro 4. Phew.

You need these two commands.

manage-bde -unlock c: -rp <your 48-digit recovery password>

manage-bde -protectors -disable c:

Make sure you have manage- at the start of both the formatting on the link above made miss it on the second line until I checked why it wasn't recognising the command.

Good luck getting back into your computers/ drives.