Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The worst collection of words I have ever seen.

"If I have to be able and the time and the time and the first thing I have to be able and the first thing I have to be able and the time and the first thing I have to be a few weeks and the time and the first thing I have to be" - Tim Jarram

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sony xperia Z3 bends

I got the Sony Xperia Z3 the day it came out from Amazon. I pre ordered it and was quite excited to upgrade from my well used Samsung Galaxy S3. However I have to strongly recommend you don't by it.

The main reason is that as you can see below mine bent.

I was asleep when the damage happened I woke up trying to turn off my alarm and when I turned on the light my phone was bent in my hand. Unfortunately this wasn't a nightmare I had some how managed to bend my phone in my sleep.

Sony have made a flimsy phone which I am told isn't covered by warranty on twitter:

I was reasonably happy with the z3 until this but if you are still not convinced to avoid it here are some other reasons not to by the z3:

  • You can't remove the battery
  • The wireless charging port on the side is pretty useless. QI charging requires an expensive case.
  • The glass back makes it slide off anything.
  • Sony phones lose their resale value really quickly.

I used to be a huge fan of Sony. I have fond memories of my first Hi Fi, my treasured silver and orange portable CD player and of course the first Play Station! They have also made an excellent pair of waterproof headphones I really like with an MP3 player built in, until recently I was looking at upgrading them to the bluetooth version.

So I decided since the split with Ericsson and with the way they have adopted android I would take a risk on their new products. I excitedly purchased the z3 and as soon as I could I got the Sony Smart watch 3 to go with it. I'd love to be telling you it worked out great for me but I feel I've been burnt and I won't be buying anything else Sony any time soon after receiving such poor customer service.