Wednesday, 2 April 2014

o2 access point details

If you have a modem for a SIM in your laptop this might help you, first connect to the network from area near the clock like you do for WiFi.

Then when prompted enter these details.

Access point name:
Username: o2web
Password: password

This is for o2 wireless broadband.

I was quite impressed windows can just handle this all by itself nowadays. Clever stuff.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Things I'm bad at part 1

Months ago I was inspired to write this blog by a youtuber who goes by the name of Jenna Marbles. Her videos are always pretty cude but they are very funny and she's quite creative about the things she decides to talk about. Anyway I've never got round to it yet so I guess this I could but blogging as one of my things, so to overcome this problem of putting it off because I don't have time to list everything I've decided to break it into parts.

Part one is going to be shopping. This is where is gets odd, because I think I'm brilliant at shopping. I love researching what is the best thing to get, the pros and cons whats the most efficient way of doing things and what should I buy to get the best results from product x with the least amount of effort when I'm using it. There is a downside to this because in many ways you get what you pay for and I convince myself that I should get something more expensive because it works so well, sometimes if I'm torn between things I get both so I can really know which one works best. Whats worst is I get so into research I get myself more excited about things than I should and I end up buying something I really don't need and this is why I'm bad at shopping.

What I do about it:
I've started to keep a list of bookmarks within chrome of thing I'd ordinarily just by on impulse and I catogrise them so I can go back later and buy them if I still want them, I'm not sure if this helps or not. Perhaps I'll end up going back and buying stuff I'd have normally forgotten about but when I have gone back most of the time I've just deleted things and been glad I didn't buy them.

I don't beat myself up about it sometimes it's nice to have nice things - I don't regret spending silly money on shirts because they are really well made, don't need iorning and look good. Other people spend money on things I wouldn't too much alcohol etc I just accept that this is something I'm bad at and I will try to get better at it.