Thursday, 28 October 2010

Running applications Part 2 - Using the two applications I've found.

Now I have actually used both of these apps properly, well at least a little. I present:


Right both apps tracked well, both disappointing seemed to lack a lap mode which I'm sure I may one day (as in when I'm fit again) find a use for.

When I got home Endomondo ad put three tweets up which was good. One to show you could watch my activity live and two showing my walk to school and my walk back (I broke it into two parts as there was no lap mode I could find). Run Keeper had posted nothing, this was fixed half fixed (only one activity got tweeted instead of two) when I went back into the app and pressed resend it did loose my comments on how it had gone which sucked, as I was beginning to think I wish Endomondo had that feature. 

All I did was walk to work using two different route and back so it did not give much time for my phone to regain signal but RK did not auto retry to upload my activity so I was a little disappointed by that, I wonder what Endomondo does when it has not signal to upload things with.

When I was looking at the stats on my laptop I have to say I'm gutted that Run Keeper's interface is much clearer than Endomondo's see for yourself:



RK just has everything nice and big and easy to read, where as Endomondo you have to really look closely to see the details they don't jump out at you like they should. RK always starts to load the map in America and then moves to when your exercise took pace which annoyed me and Endo the map was always behind the Speed/ Altitude section which also annoyed me.

So in conclusion for now I have made no permanent decision as both apps still have things to improve, but Endomondo seems to focus much more on Android which I like and RK seems to be a iPhone app mainly their pro android app still does not support Heart Rate monitors. I will be using Endomondo for now as their android setup seems so much better, the app is free and does live tracking, HR monitoring, audio cues for free and coolest of all prep talks from people who can watch you live into your ear all for free which RK just does not match even in their paid app - if you subscribe to their elite service the functionality gets closer but it's a shadow of it's own iPhone app which is a real shame. I am keeing RK in mind however because of the great web interface and the fact that it works with the Withings WiFi scale to track your body weight and fat %age which is another gadget I have my eyes on once I have some cash or if they would like to give me one to review for free.

I before the scales I also want a heart rate monitor and if Polar want to give me a Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth for free to review I'd be glad to. Or if Zephry want to give me a HxM Bluetooth Heart monitor I'd love to review that also - the holy grail would be to get a Zephyr BioHarness that measures Heart rate, Posture, Your Breathing and your skin temperature which is super but they cost $700 or something I can't afford.  

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