Friday, 3 September 2010

gmail priority inbox

I really think this is a great idea,
Seems to be implemented nicely and does not mess things up to much, I really like the idea of stared emails coming up to the top of your inbox, well I do at the moment. I guess as I use the feature more it means I have to change the way I viewed the stars working and will have to file improtant but not often accessed email separately .

Previously I used stars to mark important things so if I ever needed them I could find them simply, now it seems they will be used for emails that need actioning which is much better really - but this is going into tasks territory I'd love some way of merging the two not sure if that's possible / nessasarry or how it would work and what it would look like even in it's most basic form but I feel like these two features of my google account should be more intergrated.

Exciting times - I wonder how this will work for android - I use my phone for email most and really want this feature as part of the android gmail client and I want it now :) it's already something I think is a key feature for me I never want a normal inbox again.

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