Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More magazine - shockingly contains made up lies

Ok the facts, I was asked what I thought about perfume (in general not a specific type), by people from More and I had my photo taken.

What you see in the magazine is my photograph but it is not accompanied by my comments but instead it is next to some made up nonsense a.k.a lies. I never even tried any perfumes that day, I'm disappointed to be honest. I guess you do have to take everything you read with a pinch of salt. When you read more magazine you should also take what you read with a... wait, just don't read it, it's all rubbish I speak from experience, had a good look through the copy I purchased. Save yourself the time and money. The photos are probably of real things so if you want to make a poster with pictures of under dressed women or collect a bunch of adverts (what the magazine is mainly comprised of) then go ahead carry on buying it, but if you are interested in the content you should firstly understand it's likely to be unsubstantiated gobbly-dee-gooke, and secondly take a good look at yourself and think why am I interested in this?

When I saw myself in More associated with all that made up info, it just confirmed what I've always believed. The media serves mainly to encourage wasteful consumerism and the idolatry of celebrities who have no business being famous. Here is a message to all women out there, from me, STOP reading this drivel, you are generating demand for this gibberish. Go out and enjoy your own lives stop reading about other people's. You do not need a magazine to tell you how to be more confident in bed, seriously you don't that junks only going to make you more paranoid if anything it may as well be title 'ten things to have on the back of your mind constantly when you should be enjoying life'. Lastly just be yourself, if you spent your time coming up with new ideas instead of learning about existing made up ones perhaps the world would be a little more exciting.

From a man with plenty of flaws but who tries to be honest at all times.