Sunday, 31 January 2010

chewbacca impression

I'd love to be able to do a decent:

chewbacca impression!

Google calendar

I've gotten stuck with something I'm sure there should be a setting to fix. If you are viewing two calendars (at the same time on Google calendar) and you are both attending the same even why can I not seem to make them merge into one?

Basically I like to view my own and my girlfriends calendars at once, the colour coding keeps this simple and its really good until we both have the same event (this would be even more annoying if even more people were attending, and I was also viewing their calendars). I'd like some way to prioritise my calendar so for even's were both attending it just does not display her's or merges them and uses two colour, or half and half. At the moment it's the only feature of Google calendar I'm not happy with because it makes events unreadable.

Any thoughts? Or even Solutions? I'm sold on everything else with Google's setup so don't want to use something else really.

Here is an example: