Thursday, 3 September 2009

XDA EXEC thanks for being the best phone ever.

Today I'm sending my old phone to for recycling. It served me very well over the years and was way ahead of it's time the screen now still betters anything out there and so does the keyboard. Huge form factor was probably the reason this was not super popular.

I'm currently on  HTC touch pro and although a more capable device it doesn't have the same level of magic that the HTC Universal (xda exec) had. I loved that phone. I'm gonna get £30 for it hopefully and I'm happy as I'm really low on cash at the moment. I only paid £150 for it on a super cheap contract which at the time was an amazing deal.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who gets attached to their phones! At least you're honering the memory by recycling, how did you get on with Envirofone?

Stowgood said...

Yea Envirophone were great. All sorted in around a week. The cheque was quite bulky and got a bit squished and crumpled in my wallet so I had to hand it in to a person at the bank as the machine couldn't accept it, but that hardly mattered I got the money and that's what counts.

That phone was epic the form factor was perfect. A more powerful phone in that case with gps and a small external screen would be just what I want oh and running android.

Stowgood said...

I still want the exact phone I described in 2009. Crazy, this phone was so far ahead of it's time. The general public will never know.