Monday, 18 May 2009


*edited as my phone only mailed half the post.

Tim really bigged up these doughnuts, the plan was to have them at the cinema but we arrived too late to get them in time so we had to get them afterwards.

They were some of the best donuts I've had, they were really fluffy and nice but not being a sweet toothed kinda guy I wasn't that wowed. Give me one of Laura's cheese and ham toasties instead any time any day.

So if doughnuts are your thing Krispy Creme or whatever they were are a good bet, if your not into doughnuts there alright - prob some of the best but don't bother activly seeking them out.


Unknown said...

You're totally wrong, show me a doughnut that's more tasty then a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed and I'll eat me hat.

Stowgood said...

I said they were some of the best, I'm no expert on the matter so didn't want to say for sure.

Do you even have a Hat?

Unknown said...

No but I would get one, if you could.