Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Life is fragile

There was an accident on my way to university today. I got there after it had happened. The roof had been cut off the car and the police had closed off the road.

Nobody was in the car when I arrived and although it was wrecked and the airbags had been deployed the middle area where the people sit seemed fine (well it was still there) so I hope everyone was ok. It happened right in front of the fire station so they will have got attention from experts pretty much instantly so I would be optimistic for there chances, I thought it would be insensitive to take a photo just in case as I did not see whatever the other thing involved in the collision was, it was gone.

I took the photo from the tram making sure I didn't get the smashed car in it.

I just makes me think. I went to Jennifer's church on Sunday night and the talk wasn't all gloomy but the question was asked, when someone's taking your funeral what do you want him to mention about your life? The point was the way you live shows where your priorities lie.

I wonder what mine would be like now?

He cared for his family, friends & girlfriend.

He wasted lots of time on the internet.

Loved gadgets and liked fixing things.

He enjoyed working in groups but was sometimes unmotivated to work for himself.

Oh and he did some stuff with Church & like badminton

I wonder how many people think church (i.e. Being a Christian, my relationship with Jesus & Christian community) is an important part of my life? I think whatever that number is, the number that think this is the top priority in my life is certainly smaller.

After careful consideration maybe these people would be right maybe they know me better than I know myself. I think I've been selfish in terms of how much time I've given up for God since I left York and that's not good.

I am going to aim to work on this from now onwards.

What do you think people would/ will remember you for?

Does this reflect what you want them to remember?

What do you remember me for?
What are the first 5 things you think of when you see the name Sam Stow?