Friday, 30 January 2009

Square face

The shape of her face is square.

One day I will re add the missing image.

Monday, 12 January 2009

I wish people would speak up & the future

Firstly as if I didn't look silly enough in the big glasses I now have to wear in order to see properly (due to my others some how getting a broken lense!) I don't know when but I got a big lump of dry blood stuck on my head where I must have scratched a spot or something and nobody told me... :(
Anyway serious now, went to see a careers advisor today about my future and we ran out of time the only thing we managed to get done was talk about PGCE.
I have to apply soon, there are still places on the ICT course at hallam
I may need to have experience in the classroom already :( 100 hours prehaps which is rubbish.
I'm excited and would really like to do it.
Spent most of the day today with Jordan and Scott revising which was useful.
I have to get something to eat now, I'm so hungry! Then more dissertation work.
I also had a really useful chat with my course leader, he's a genuinly good guy to be fair I'm not sure he knows my name but he deffo reckonised my big glasses!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I re did my keyboard inner wallet today.

I first of all tried my hand at a black duck tape wallet but it was thick and I've grown attached to my see through masterpiece.

I swapped out the stupid driving licence bit moved it in with my rail card then in place of slot I added my new tram pass I added magnets all over so it kind of nicely clicks shut and stops things falling out hopefully.

One day I may find the money to upgrade to a woven steel wallet, however at this stage in my life (at Uni and still having a y.p rail card) the designs are to simple for my very unique needs combined with my desire for the best possible solution. One day I will have less, but maybe by then I will have my wallet phone solution I dream of :p

I just realised I have no money in it on any of the photos, oh well never mind the post got spell checked this time at least.

Maybe I'll fill it with a big wedge of cash on my final student loan instalment...