Friday, 18 December 2009

The bootleg Beatles

I took Jennifer to see the bootleg beatles in Sheffield for her birthday. We had a fantastic time, higlights were everyone singing to yellow submarine and hey Jude, the whole night was epic, the banter with the crowd was really good.

All I want to do now is buy the remastered boxset for the orignal band, there is so much great music by them I still haven't heard.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Google does more fun things

Google chrome os - what I predicted not read about for a uni presentation where I only got 64% grrr. Silly women who marked that.

Watch all about it

Thursday, 5 November 2009

An interesting read on modern day man.

I found this really interesting - I guess I'm well on the way to becoming a man now. It's quite exciting but also quite daunting how much extra responsibility / big decisions I have waiting for me and possibly any partner I have down the road.

Any here are the links:

I may even have to check out the art of manliness site.

Also this make me defiantly believe that feminism is stupid, it's dead now as we're all feminists in a way, as discussed in the second link.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My grandfather passed away last night


I'm glad I'm named after him (Lawrence - middle name) he was a strong role model in my life and I will remember him fondly.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

XDA EXEC thanks for being the best phone ever.

Today I'm sending my old phone to for recycling. It served me very well over the years and was way ahead of it's time the screen now still betters anything out there and so does the keyboard. Huge form factor was probably the reason this was not super popular.

I'm currently on  HTC touch pro and although a more capable device it doesn't have the same level of magic that the HTC Universal (xda exec) had. I loved that phone. I'm gonna get £30 for it hopefully and I'm happy as I'm really low on cash at the moment. I only paid £150 for it on a super cheap contract which at the time was an amazing deal.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trust 320 SpaceCam and windows 7

For anyone looking it's possible to run this webcam in windows 7.

Just download the 1.98MB file from here:

Extract the files to a folder and make windows search for a driver in that folder and it will work, this is good new as I was worried it may not work.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Camping for my birthday at Riggs Farm

I had a really cool time camping at riggs farm:

I included the link because the guy who was running the show was really cool he made space for us to stay short notice and lent us spare pegs and help me turn on our electricity when it was our equipment that was playing up. So this site is recommended by me, just as probably with all camping make sure you take insect repellent I'm still covered from head to toe in insect bites.

We went to Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay and the weather was ace. It rained really heavily on the last night and I was so worried about packing up a wet tent and having to get it out again to dry but by the time I woke the sun had dried everything completely and that relief was probably the highlight of the holiday. Other good points were:
  • playing boggle
  • playing with Jennifers hero
  • Jums
  • BBQing esp the chicken

Alton towers

I recently went to alton towers with Dave, Pretti, Matt (who paid for me to go as a birthday present - Thanks Matt and James who was hilarious all day worried about all the rides. He curled up into a ball on nemesis and screwed his eyes up he really hated it and I was like oh no he's having a pants time but it was all ok once we convinced him the rides were fun not to stress people out.

It was rainy which sucked but we did go on every big ride twice! So it was ace! Most more than twice.The only downer was my neck and shoulders hurt for ages due to going on rita 5 times in a row and being literally squashed by my friend Matt's immense mass overflowing into my space/seat half the time he's not really fat but he works out lots and thus has massive shoulders I thought my harness wasn't going to come down on ripsaw I was genuinely scared.

So it was a great time the highlight was the pirate area with the cannons! You could literally soak everyone on the ride using them so check that out if your going soon. I would like to end by showing my respect for a coaster I was so saddened to learn had been demolished...

Bye bye corkscrew, my first upside down roller-coaster.

First Installed 1980 Opening Date 4th April 1980 Location Ug Land Cost £1.25 million Manufacturer Vekoma Designer Arrow Dynamics Weight 350 tonnes Track Length 728 metres Height Of Drop 23 metres Maximum Speed 44 mph (70 km/h) Maximum G Force 3.1 G Ride Duration Approx. 1 minute, 45 seconds Capacity 24 per train Throughput 43,449,840 people Total Cycles 1,810,410 Distance Travelled 1,317,978.48 Kilometres/ 818,953.31 Miles Seating Arrangement 2 trains, 6 cars per train, 2 row per car, 2 seats per row Restraint Type Shoulder restraints Height Restriction 1.2 metres

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I got a 2:1

Well I will get a 2:1 once I've doen my summer 2nd year resit, which should be pretty easy. If I hadn't bombed on my marketing I would have gotten a first but I think my grade is fair. I'm relatively happy.

Spain is to hot, sorry for lack of updates internet access is sparce and I can't get the pics of my camera cuz the computer I do get to use are rubish, normally I use my phone which is easy but I get better Pics using my proper camera.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Going to Spain, on a plane!

I've never been on a plane before. Were in Stansted waiting for our flight.

Exciting times! See you all when I get back.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Star Trek - one of the best films I've ever seen.

I really enjoyed Star Trek. I thought the way the characters were introduced was amazing and the plot and effects were equally as good. The whole film just worked. I expected it to not live up to my expectations but it surpassed them.

Despite some drama in the build up to the film because we didn't leave enough time to get the doughnuts we'd planned on acquiring to eat in t he cinema. Coupled with by the fact people were queui ng far earlier than we had anticipated meaning we didn't get the best and some more trivial problems with the cin ema I had a brilliant time.

We went to see it at the Imax in Birmingham, the screen was amazing although the whole Imax experience was a little disappointing it remained a joy to watch the film in such great quality.

Some of my gripes about this Imax were certain scenes seemed out of focus which was annoying. Occasionally random bits of dirt would cover large sections of the screen for minuets at a time - clearly something on the lenses which was also annoying.

There was no proper popcorn available and the queues to get food and drinks were to be honest unacceptable.

To conclude I left the cinema having seen Star Trek a very happy man and recommend if you haven't see it yet you make arrangements to do so, if possible at an Imax screen, just not the one in Birmingham.


*edited as my phone only mailed half the post.

Tim really bigged up these doughnuts, the plan was to have them at the cinema but we arrived too late to get them in time so we had to get them afterwards.

They were some of the best donuts I've had, they were really fluffy and nice but not being a sweet toothed kinda guy I wasn't that wowed. Give me one of Laura's cheese and ham toasties instead any time any day.

So if doughnuts are your thing Krispy Creme or whatever they were are a good bet, if your not into doughnuts there alright - prob some of the best but don't bother activly seeking them out.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Life is fragile

There was an accident on my way to university today. I got there after it had happened. The roof had been cut off the car and the police had closed off the road.

Nobody was in the car when I arrived and although it was wrecked and the airbags had been deployed the middle area where the people sit seemed fine (well it was still there) so I hope everyone was ok. It happened right in front of the fire station so they will have got attention from experts pretty much instantly so I would be optimistic for there chances, I thought it would be insensitive to take a photo just in case as I did not see whatever the other thing involved in the collision was, it was gone.

I took the photo from the tram making sure I didn't get the smashed car in it.

I just makes me think. I went to Jennifer's church on Sunday night and the talk wasn't all gloomy but the question was asked, when someone's taking your funeral what do you want him to mention about your life? The point was the way you live shows where your priorities lie.

I wonder what mine would be like now?

He cared for his family, friends & girlfriend.

He wasted lots of time on the internet.

Loved gadgets and liked fixing things.

He enjoyed working in groups but was sometimes unmotivated to work for himself.

Oh and he did some stuff with Church & like badminton

I wonder how many people think church (i.e. Being a Christian, my relationship with Jesus & Christian community) is an important part of my life? I think whatever that number is, the number that think this is the top priority in my life is certainly smaller.

After careful consideration maybe these people would be right maybe they know me better than I know myself. I think I've been selfish in terms of how much time I've given up for God since I left York and that's not good.

I am going to aim to work on this from now onwards.

What do you think people would/ will remember you for?

Does this reflect what you want them to remember?

What do you remember me for?
What are the first 5 things you think of when you see the name Sam Stow?

Friday, 30 January 2009

Square face

The shape of her face is square.

One day I will re add the missing image.

Monday, 12 January 2009

I wish people would speak up & the future

Firstly as if I didn't look silly enough in the big glasses I now have to wear in order to see properly (due to my others some how getting a broken lense!) I don't know when but I got a big lump of dry blood stuck on my head where I must have scratched a spot or something and nobody told me... :(
Anyway serious now, went to see a careers advisor today about my future and we ran out of time the only thing we managed to get done was talk about PGCE.
I have to apply soon, there are still places on the ICT course at hallam
I may need to have experience in the classroom already :( 100 hours prehaps which is rubbish.
I'm excited and would really like to do it.
Spent most of the day today with Jordan and Scott revising which was useful.
I have to get something to eat now, I'm so hungry! Then more dissertation work.
I also had a really useful chat with my course leader, he's a genuinly good guy to be fair I'm not sure he knows my name but he deffo reckonised my big glasses!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I re did my keyboard inner wallet today.

I first of all tried my hand at a black duck tape wallet but it was thick and I've grown attached to my see through masterpiece.

I swapped out the stupid driving licence bit moved it in with my rail card then in place of slot I added my new tram pass I added magnets all over so it kind of nicely clicks shut and stops things falling out hopefully.

One day I may find the money to upgrade to a woven steel wallet, however at this stage in my life (at Uni and still having a y.p rail card) the designs are to simple for my very unique needs combined with my desire for the best possible solution. One day I will have less, but maybe by then I will have my wallet phone solution I dream of :p

I just realised I have no money in it on any of the photos, oh well never mind the post got spell checked this time at least.

Maybe I'll fill it with a big wedge of cash on my final student loan instalment...