Monday, 13 October 2008

Rachel's Birthday: A roaring success

This no offence to anyone else this was the highlight of my weekend.

The scene was set, It was a 21st birthday there was a private venue and I have packed some absinthe and a lion mask.

The night started well, I met with Linux Girl and we had chips, this is always good. Once we arrived at the belfry hall things took a momentary turn for the worst, there was no music and Rachel had forgotten her dress, initially the way she shrieked I feared the worst - the dress was in Loughborough! 30 mins later however the dress had been retrieved from her house in York and was being applied - put on - whatever I don't wear dressed very often.

The other thing that was wrong at first was there was no music - I ended up taking charge of getting this fixed, however without the help of Sam who helped me move and half plug in everything, Wellers who gave the cables the 90 degree twist necessary to make them work (clip into place) and Applyman who provided an adapter enabeling us to plug in the laptop this would not have been possible. So after an hour of partying once appleman arrived we had music :)

The third thing was there ws nobody had arrived, however arround 8 this began to improve and the pary was finally underway.

All my favourite York friends (with a few exceptions probally) were there including the Triangleman and Squareface, Gap eye and co.

It was really nice to catch up with everyone because I now live in Sheffield I don't see the York lot as much as I would like. It was fun to see everyone in masks and to do rollypollys and wheelbarrow races.

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