Monday, 13 October 2008

Fruli: Strawberry Beer

I've rediscovered a great beer, I first had it at the Devonshire Cat in Sheffield during my first year of university. It's normally served in half pints but I had a full pint and I was really nice it made me quite cheery so I chose drink anything else that day. I more recently had it in York (Oscars) when Alex came up for his 22nd birthday and met Jennifer for the first time.

Now I have some in my fridge thanks to Mr. Tesco selling it for £1 a bottle. It's yummy. I will try to never have more than one bottle a night because I don't want ot get sick of it. If I have it only as a treat it will remain yummy to me like hoegarden and kronenburg blonc and not like guninness which I really can't sytand anymore :(

I recomend everyone try it, I would love to see this on tap in more places in a few years time. Just for reference to those who might care it's Belgian.

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