Thursday, 20 November 2008

High heels

Seriously girls, whats the point?
They are dangerous, if I ever own my own business they are going to be banned!
They don't look any better either... They are not a turn on, for me they are a big turn off. I have met other people who share the same opinion.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Wellers, Wine, Christine and Square face

I went to York a day early to surprise Jennifer on the Thursday night, me and Square face went to visit Wellers and Christine we took the nicest wine I've had in a long time. We ate Curry which was really nice and ended up being the first of 5 in 7 days! One interesting thing that came up was that my pudding looked like poo in milk according to Christine, an observation I will never let her forget.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Fruli: Strawberry Beer

I've rediscovered a great beer, I first had it at the Devonshire Cat in Sheffield during my first year of university. It's normally served in half pints but I had a full pint and I was really nice it made me quite cheery so I chose drink anything else that day. I more recently had it in York (Oscars) when Alex came up for his 22nd birthday and met Jennifer for the first time.

Now I have some in my fridge thanks to Mr. Tesco selling it for £1 a bottle. It's yummy. I will try to never have more than one bottle a night because I don't want ot get sick of it. If I have it only as a treat it will remain yummy to me like hoegarden and kronenburg blonc and not like guninness which I really can't sytand anymore :(

I recomend everyone try it, I would love to see this on tap in more places in a few years time. Just for reference to those who might care it's Belgian.

Rachel's Birthday: A roaring success

This no offence to anyone else this was the highlight of my weekend.

The scene was set, It was a 21st birthday there was a private venue and I have packed some absinthe and a lion mask.

The night started well, I met with Linux Girl and we had chips, this is always good. Once we arrived at the belfry hall things took a momentary turn for the worst, there was no music and Rachel had forgotten her dress, initially the way she shrieked I feared the worst - the dress was in Loughborough! 30 mins later however the dress had been retrieved from her house in York and was being applied - put on - whatever I don't wear dressed very often.

The other thing that was wrong at first was there was no music - I ended up taking charge of getting this fixed, however without the help of Sam who helped me move and half plug in everything, Wellers who gave the cables the 90 degree twist necessary to make them work (clip into place) and Applyman who provided an adapter enabeling us to plug in the laptop this would not have been possible. So after an hour of partying once appleman arrived we had music :)

The third thing was there ws nobody had arrived, however arround 8 this began to improve and the pary was finally underway.

All my favourite York friends (with a few exceptions probally) were there including the Triangleman and Squareface, Gap eye and co.

It was really nice to catch up with everyone because I now live in Sheffield I don't see the York lot as much as I would like. It was fun to see everyone in masks and to do rollypollys and wheelbarrow races.

Tim's Birthday

Tim's Birthdays was pretty fun, I enjoyed listening to Metallica & jumping out at Alex from behind a tree on the way into town a lot, other highlights included Alex moaning the whole time about everything and seeing Tim.

There was a good turn out from the people who I knew but I was surprised at the absence of any work friends or anyone else - do you have no other friends Tim? The night ended up in revolution which due to lack of dance floor was rather disappointing, I think this contributed to everyone leave rather prematurely.

Overall it was great to see people again and thanks to a strong start it was a very pleasurable evening.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The current tripod champion: Sam 3/10/08

I retained the tripod hat for the first time in about 2 years the other day. For those of you who are unsure what the tripod hat is when I started university we made a championship, this was so we could have a champion. You became champion by winning challenges. I was the first ever champion and have held it for two years during my absence from Sheffield.

Back to my defence, I crushed spade and female Sam at monopoly to defend my title. Spade came close but in the end a double two to land on Mayfair having just landed on park lane pretty much finished him. Sam took too long getting a set to be of any threat I expect a better performance from her next time...