Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trust 320 SpaceCam and windows 7

For anyone looking it's possible to run this webcam in windows 7.

Just download the 1.98MB file from here:

Extract the files to a folder and make windows search for a driver in that folder and it will work, this is good new as I was worried it may not work.


Anonymous said...

isn't workin

Stowgood said...

Did you run it as an admin in compatability mode? (i.e. windows xp) It worked for me.

Anonymous said...

i used the 5.64MB driver version, run it in WinXP Compatibility Mode and it worked :)
Don't plug camera before installing it, and do reboot after done, then plug it and windows will complete operation.

(During installation process, at about 60% an alert box appeared telling me program stopped work, i pressed "close program" and installation resumed normally)

Leo said...

Simply GREAT!!!!!, thanxs from Italy

Anonymous said...

Based on the first comment, I downloaded the drivers, went to device manager, found a USB camera in the list with an error.
Right clicked and chose "Update driver software". Browsed to the ../13178_01/89_2k_xp folder and clicked next, and got a message telling me theat "windows could not find driver software". Didn't understand the later comments about running as an admin in compatibility mode though? There was no option for this . . .?!

Tried the 5.64mb version, and had the 60% alert thing come up, cleared it and it continued ok. Rebooted, but still no good.

What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

You're missing that on the setup file you could right click with your mouce. from there you can choose run as admin (or something similar) when you do that you can also choose advanced run features like the compatibility thing. Set it too winXP and you should be fine.

Thx for the comments all it helped me a lot.

Thom said...

I've got the same problem as Anonymous:

Things I tried:

1 try:
- download 1.98mb version
- right click on file and click compatibility tab (windows xp)
- Unzip into default folder C:\download....
- Connect Webcam
- Go to device manager
- Click update driver and point to folder in c:\download
- message: "windows could not find driver blablabla"

2nd try:
- download large file from trust side (5.xx mb)
- Run compatibility xp, one big file in download....
- Again, run this big file (setup file) in compatibility mode.
- Software/drivers are installed, don't have message with 60%.
- restart computer
- Connect webcam... Still same error

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

hm...i tried both drivers with win xp compatible modus and i tried it as admin.
i have win 7 HP(64bit)
can somebody help me?

Anonymous said...

Looks like it does not work with 64 bit windows 7.

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Anonymous said...

many thanks - i downloaded short version, ran in xp compatability mode then plugged in and driver detected and worked

ben said...

Step by step:

1. download it (it will unzip)
3.go to the destination folder (where it unzipped itself) on the unzipped Setup.exe file with RIGHT!!! mouse button Properties
6.Go to Compatibility tab
7.check box Run this program in compatigility mode for Windows XP (service pack 3) APPLY and then OK on the Setup.exe again with RIGHT!!! mouse button and select Run as Administrator, then confirm OK, if it ask you.
10.Then it will install itself.
11. Plug the cam, and it shoud work.
12. Enjoy